Differences in valves?...700 Series vs. Signature Series

Discussion in 'Horns' started by pushtrumpet, Dec 22, 2003.

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    Are there any differences in the valves between Kanstul's 700 Series horns and the Signature Series? Materials? Alloys? Assembly procedure? Higher skilled technicians building the better horns?

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    Read the article the Music Trades Magazine did on my father's 50 years in the business. You will learn a lot. Yes there are differences. All the instruments are good. But when you go to the next level it has to get even better. You do not use a new mounter to assemble a signature horn. It takes years of training to get that good. You will find the article at my father's website WWW.KANSTUL.NET under the NEWS heading. Enjoy.

    To The Craftsmanship-No one does it like KANSTUL.

    Jack Kanstul
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    Nov 10, 2003

    GREAT ARTICAL!!! That's the one I was asking about!

    I play the trumpet made by Tony Scodwell in Las Vegas, NV. As you know (I post this as a complement to "Kanstul" and for readers) Tony gets the 'raw' parts from Kanstul. Bells, leadpipes, valve clusters etc., then assembles each trumpet, one buy one himself.

    I have owned 4 Scodwell trumpets total the last 4 years. Two of which I had a personal hand in, from the 'raw materials' stage, help making. Oddly enough both of these horns I personaly sent to you all at Kanstul to have silver plated. I have to say a first class job was done in both cases!

    My personal custom Scodwell #0105, silver plated, I still have & will never part with. The other #0106 (originally made for Doc) I sold to a gentleman in SF area, to buy ... yes another "SCOD" ... #0085 from a friend in Las Vegas. #0085 was gold plated there at Kanstul some time ago. Great job!

    To readers: Kanstul's attention to detail, be it on their own intruments or some one elses, is impeckable! Jack ... Great work comes from your fathers facility. I have spoken with him a number of times to convey this to him.

    My best to you all at Kanstul, and thanks for great work!

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    Thanks for the reply. I did read the article. Very interesting. I plan to watch ebay and pick up an Ambassador from the era your father was making them in LA.

    Back to the original topic....Could you elaborate more on the valve differences? You did say that the more skilled workers build the high end horns. Any other differences?

    If this info is proprietary, I understand.

    Thanks for moderating this forum. You have good reason to be proud of your products.


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