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  1. Brass crusader

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    I agree w/ most everybody here;
    My parents bought me my first pro horn, and I've bought everything after that with my own cash. Admittedly, they were all fantastic deals, but I cut a lot of lawns and other stuff to pay for each of my horns.
    I also played a TR300 as my first horn, then sold it to help defray the cost of my Super Recording.

    Original Username,
    There is an Ebay seller, quinntheeskimo, and he sells great, high-end horns. He has nice old Bachs occasionally w/ opening bids as low as $650.(US) He generally has a lot of variety in bells and models, and also carries a few Schilkes/Benges/Martins/Conns at the moment. These all look like fantastic horns.(although looks can be deceiving). I'm not sure if he has a return policy, if he does, you could always return something if you didn't like it. He also seems to be quite reputable and knowledgeble. I've never bought from him, but I love his listings, very detailed and with great photos.

    Good luck, and keep saving
  2. Decentplayer

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    Jan 11, 2008
    Then your parents definately made the right choice. If you were gonna major in music, I'd say yeah, get him one. If you want one when when you get older, you'll have the money to buy one yourself.

  3. Original_Username

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Beijing, China
    Thanks for the tip Brass Crusader! I'll check his listings out.
  4. NickD

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    I remember the first horn I bought. I mowed lawns like crazy one summer and made just enough dough to by an Olds Opera! I had been playing a horn my mom was renting (a battered Olds Special).

    I loved that Opera and played it up until the time I settled in the Chicago music scene.

    My regret? SELLING it! I now wish I NEVER had done that. Oh well...
    Hindsight 20/20!

  5. Hobie1dog

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    Feb 19, 2008
    Cornelius, NC
    sounds like many of us mowed yards to save up for the first pro horn.

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