Do You Always Practice With Your "Best" Instrument?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by tedh1951, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Peter McNeill

    Peter McNeill Utimate User

    Jan 30, 2009
    Melbourne Australia
    If there is a gig, then I tend to pull out the horn I'll use, and give the practice session to it. The rehersal will also have this horn. If any doubt, then I go back to the Strad as a baseline.

    Under normal practice and rehersals I mix it up, and give a lot of rotations. Even my Chinese BG gets a play. I enjoy the character and sounds of all the horns, and when I have the horn in the hand, I practice tunes that best fit that character. (Ballads etc with more mellow sounds etc). Classical with the C, and Eb, but mostly the Bb's get the rotatation on a daily basis. Some do sit for a month without being given a chance, but all get a look in at the home practice room.
  2. stumac

    stumac Fortissimo User

    Oct 19, 2008
    Flinders Vic Australia
    Mostly I practice on my Eclipse as it is the horn I use for Big Band, now playing French Horn in orchestra so that gets a run also, for a bit of fun I will play Cornet and higher horns a couple of times a week, occasionally give the vintage horns a blow to keep them in operating condition.

    Regards, Stuart.
  3. trickg

    trickg Utimate User

    Oct 26, 2003
    I only own one trumpet, so I practice with what I perform on. However, even when I owned more than one trumpet, I still only practiced on my preferred horn.
  4. Phil986

    Phil986 Forte User

    Nov 16, 2009
    Near Portland, OR.
    It wouldn't occur to me to do that, but then again I'm far from being a pro. Guess when one is used to change from Bb to C to cornet to flugel to natural trumpet, Eb, piccolo, it's just another horn.

    For an amateur, when performing, you have to deal with all the specifics of the day, possibly be outside, or in a place with bad acoustics. Then if the section does not have all members there is the stress of being exposed on passages where I'm alone playing (and as someone I know says: if you're gonna be naked, better be buff). Adding to that a different horn than the one you've worked on is a little twisted in my opinion. If you practice for an audition, would you play on the big day with a different horn than the one you've practiced with? Wouldn't make much sense.
  5. tobylou8

    tobylou8 Utimate User

    Dec 22, 2008
    I like all my horns and practice on all of them. It keeps them working and it makes me appreciate the quality of my Getzen 900H. Once I find the right valve oil for my Super Artist, it will make it into the rotation with the 900H.
  6. EdMann

    EdMann Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 20, 2007
    Los Angeles
    I like to rotate them, but if I'm a day away from a gig, I pull out the gig horn and mpc I'll be using, give it a good long blow. My Bach 37 has recently gone to the head of the class, so it's getting more time, but I love all my babies!

  7. kcmt01

    kcmt01 Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 25, 2009
    Polson, MT
    I practice on the old beater (the Getzen) the most so that my best horns stay cleaner longer.
  8. nieuwguyski

    nieuwguyski Forte User

    Aug 9, 2004
    Santa Cruz County, CA
    I own a number of Bb's. They all have different characteristics, but they have one thing in common: When I pull one out that I haven't played in a while, I wonder why I don't play it more. I usually end up playing that horn for nearly everything for the next few months. Then something moves me to pull the next one out and the cycle repeats.

    If a horn doesn't hold my fancy enough to keep playing it for a while, I sell it.
  9. Rallyntando

    Rallyntando New Friend

    Nov 18, 2009
    New England
    I always put time in on both Bb and C. If I'm going to be playing something that requires it, I'll practice on Eb or D.

    I always use the horn(s) I will be performing with.

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