Do you like Maynard? Can you play???

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by yourbrassinstructor, Dec 8, 2008.

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    How is my project going? Well, when I first got started, people said I was too strict and also too cocky. Well, I backed off on that, but what happened was that I had many people come through the band who couldn't play or were not willing to practice. I still bit my tongue. After recording a demo and then doing a gig, I personally got a few decent remarks about myself, some others trashed me, but what I didn't like was the fact that my band was still loose and many people were noticing that.
    Now, after 6 weeks of trying to get my members to get there shit together or bail, several have bailed out.
    I still have yet to get a great lead trumpet! It's mind boggling because there are quite a few rehearsal bands in the bay area where the members hardly ever gig and they do it all for free. I am creating an opportunity to play Maynard, but most will either not come and give it a try or they come and can't play.
    I really enjoy playing music from the greatest trumpet player to have ever walked this planet, but this has been an uphill battle.
    We even have some paying gigs, but some "known" lead players in the area are not even willing to play 2 hours of Maynard....

    Maynard, if you are looking down on this somewhere, send a little bit of good luck. Thanks Maynard!
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    It does not surprise me that this project has trouble getting started. Most groups need a common denominator like "gigs", "money", a similar "location", university "project" or the like. To expect to start a tribute band WITHOUT the appropriate lead player in advance does not sound like a recipe for success. Anybody that really has the face and brains for this stuff does not need to pay up front for permission to play.

    I wish you lots of luck. The thing that set Maynard apart from the rest was not only his playing talent, but his organisational powers. He kept a band going during the most difficult of times. He had much more to offer than just an "opportunity" to play.
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    I'll play for free, but it'll cost quite a bit to get me there

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