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    Gil Gutierrez - Classical Guitarist
    Pedro Cartas - Violin

    El Ritmo de la Vida
    [​IMG]"El Ritmo de la Vida" is, of course, "the rhythm of life," a very apt description of Gil and Cartas and their music. It is classical Spanish with a jazz flair, gorgeous ballads,
    both Latino and American, plus some great movie music,and among their best received -- gypsy jazz, a la Django Reinhardt. Each are virtuosos and combined are electric. Add to this the soaring trumpet of Doc (not to mention his wardrobe!) and the experience is indescribably brilliant.
    'Doc' is now a resident of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and first heard Gil and Pedro playing at an Italian bistro to throngs of admirers, both American and Latino. He later recorded a few tunes with them and then immediately asked to join them.
    According to 'Doc': "I came to Mexico with retirement on my mind, but when I heard them play I knew that I would be playing with them for some time to come. Latino music, along with the blues, has always been among my favorites, and Gil and Pedro do it along with a European style that I love and so do our audiences.
    They are mature, gifted young men who play great, look great, and PLUS, we share a great lifestyle together. Our music is totally organic to us."

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