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    Doc and the San Miguel 5 performed in Manchester Ct. at the high school on Monday. If you have a chance to hear this group by all means go. Doc is still kicking ass at 85. He perfromed at the high school in Jan. 2011 and sounded great, I honestly think he sounded better this time around. As for the rest of the group he's playing with, I would go hear them even without Doc. They are that good! The music is really interesting, kind of Mexican Gypsy Jazz.
    Doc's playing and interpretations have changed as a result of playing with these guys. You can teach an old dog new tricks! His technique is still first rate. He doesn't quite have the range he had in his younger days but he plays with so much more warmth and feeling. If he's in your area, take a boat, take a train, get there any way you can!!! He's a force of nature!
    Keith Berry and the high school jazz band played two pieces to warm the crowd up. They opened with Mercy,Mercy,Mercy and finished with Killer Joe. Doc joined them on Killer Joe. I don't know Keith but he has a great reputation around Conn. Keith, if you read this, congratulations!
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    Thanks for the update -- I heard Doc 30 or 40 YEARS ago and would like to hear him again while we are still both around. Will keep my eyes (and ears) open for info on the San Miguel 5 also.

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