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    To all of you who also cruise TH, yes, I've lifted trombapaul2's entire posting about the DSB. However, since he's a buddy of mine & I also play in this group, I don't think he'll mind much. Paul's original post is below.

    Hey all,

    The following announcement is being sent out to all "friends" of the Dodworth Saxhorn Band.
    Hopefully, some (or many) of you will tune in to your local NPR stations on the 4th. Thanks!


    Dear friends of the Dodworth Saxhorn Band:

    On July 4th, NPR Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen will Interview the Dodworth Saxhorn Band's
    musical director Damon Talley. The interview will last approximately 10 minutes and will include
    excerpts from the band's latest CD, "Home, Sweet Home". Since this is a national broadcast, there
    will be some variation in the time that individual syndicates carry the program. In Ann Arbor and
    Detroit, the program runs from 8-10 AM, and in most parts of the country, the show can be heard in a time slot between 8 AM and noon. Please check your local stations broadcast time. This can
    be done at .

    We hope that you will include the band in your July 4th listening plans. If you would like to hear the
    band live in concert that day, we will be performing at 7:00 PM in the Jackson High School
    Auditorium, Jackson, MI as part of "Jackson's Founding Festival". The band's current performance
    schedule can be accessed any time at . We would love to have you join us!

    We are pleased to have you as a "Friend of the Band" as we expand our exposure nationwide. For more info on the band, please refer to the website shown above or contact us at
    [email protected] .
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    Very cool of you to tell us 8)

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