Does a large bore instrument affect endurance?

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    Apr 26, 2011
    Bore size has it’s own places, based on the music your playing. I would not want to take a large bore set up and play lead in a big band or in the R & B bands I play in. It would make for a very tough night of lead playing. And on the other hand I wouldn’t want to take my lead horn, that performs like a formula 1 race car, and has that Laser sound, into a church, they would need lots of ambulances for the crowd : ) I feel that both large and small bore have to be approached different from each other by the player, just as you do for different mouthpiece sizes. It’s a matter of learning what each horn likes and giving that to the horn for the best performance, and choosing the right equipment for the job at hand. :-) As far as large bore taking more energy.......only if you try to give it more energy than it was designed for : ) It's like taking your everyday car and putting it in a Nascar race, your going to overpush it, crash and burn....
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