Does the guy next to you sound louder?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Ric232, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Feb 28, 2008
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    One needs to have a set of (educated) ears in front of the group to give feedback. As has been established here in other threads, our perception of how loud we are playing has a lot to do with the efficiency of the horn, as well as the acoustic characteristics of the room in which we are playing. :shock:

    Is one player playing more into the stand than another? Is another player playing into the back of the chair ahead of them, and is it a soft chair back or a hard one? All these things affect what we hear from back in the section. What REALLY matters, however, is that the AUDIENCE hears. The director is most able to hear that amongst the participants!:thumbsup:

    Thus, we should trust the director, for these decisions, anyway, if not for what pub to go to after the rehearsal...:-P

  2. Ric232

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    Thanks. I think I have what I need. I was just wondering if a trumpet is always significant louder when next to it versus behind it. Sounds like this is not the case, so common sense can prevail. Imagine.
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    That was a joke ... about trusting a conductor... dangerous road ...
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    A trumpet being a horn, it is louder in front of the bell by design. That being said, what you hear of your playing is more than what air waves reach your ears. The noise of the vibrating lips goes through the bone structure and accounts for a large portion of how we thing that we sound.

    Play duets with this person. That gives you a more controlled opportunity to line up your playing. Then you can trust YOUR ears. Some things have to be solved by experience. Intellect is often a waste of time on things not absolute.

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