Double Tounging - I've been trying for years.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by JoSkelker, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Interesting... TiKi is also the name of an exotic bar I like to frequent. Guess we are talking 'buot a different kind of tongue action though.

    Hey, hey, just talking 'buot how I keep the beer from dribbling down my chin, what da ya' think I was talk'n 'bout. But controling the tongue IS what double tonguing is all about.
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    Dew kew is the closest in print that I can get in English to the French sound. Dew is the water on the ground. You are using the area of the tongue behind the tip. See K Tongue Modified by Claude Gordon. The "ew" sound causes the sides of the tongue to curl up a little and form a trough. The sounds are close on the tongue so the transition is faster and easier. Got a visual yet?
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    I find, huh, ga, da ga, da ga, works for me.

    The first huh of a phrase is like just breathing out very relaxed. It sets a more relaxed feel, as someone said earlier, allows me to blow through the tonguing more smoothly and makes it more legato. The huh, keeps your throat open and tongue more relaxed.

    This came from an amazing player I studied with as a kid and also in my late 40's.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm am definitely making some progress. Something else I found that helped me this week, I felt like i was having trouble getting enough air down the instrument, as an experiment I switched from my Shilke 17 25 mouthpiece to a Bach 1C. It definitely helped, everything felt a bit more open and there was less resistance to the air stream, really helped me make sure i had constant steady air.
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    I've got a suspicion that your ka is located too far back in the throat. Try pronouncing the ka very much at the front of your mouth, just behind the teeth. And try and get a good singing teacher. No need to perform like a pro singer - just get someone who can teach you how to better control your mouth and larynx. It worked wonders for me on the trumpet (and as an aside, I'm now earning some money as a singer, too...)
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    I learned it as 'here, kitty kitty'.... but that was in 1972.
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    Oct 14, 2012
    ...or 'giggity giggity'...
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    You can single tongue your part in the Ravel Piano Concerto, just so you know. (unless the pianist is demanding a tempo well above quarter = 120)

    From my experience, the reason the mastering of double-tonguing is that it requires the perfect coordination of three things:

    2)Syllables ("ka" and "ta")

    There are so many ways to work on getting all three of those things working perfectly together. One thing I feel works well is playing the exercise/passage legato in order to solidify your the coordination of your air/tongue and the fingerings. Then you will be more prepared to practice tonguing it. Maybe even try single tonguing next before going on to double-tonguing it. This works especially well for double-tonguing passages with leaps.

    Also, getting your "ka" as sharp as possible (avoiding "ga") can help make it cleaner and tighter.
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    Re: Double Tounging - I've been trying for years.ple

    Got same thing from my teacher Mr.high and mighty professional trumpeter only my single tongue wasn't crisp enough after ONE month ...!
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