Doubling euphonium and trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mamba21500, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Try a Tenor (Alto) Horn - the MP is smaller than a 'bone MP.
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    I once had a job playing euphonium--just a couple of times a week, Hope this helps. but it lasted over a year. Never had a steady trumpet gig that lasted that long. Anyway, it was killing my trumpet playing--so basically I quit practicing the euphonium--just playing when I was being paid to. If I had to work a piece I only did about 15 minutes a day. And, as best I can remember, I practiced euphonium at the end of my regular practice time---but I always picked up a trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn before I actually quit.
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    Thanks for all of the help

    From what you all have said, I'm going to be gradually working the euphonium into my schedule over the next month where I have restricted playing time and trumpet concerts, and then after that I'll be switching frequently during practice so that I get used to doubling, does that sound about right? thanks.
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    Some days I practice trumpet in the morning and euphonium in the afternoon and never have I actually doubled where it was a switch in parts of a song or from one song to another. Though a distinctly different embouchure, I don't seem to have a mouthpiece change problem. Perhaps I should also say I'm playing the euph mostly in the treble clef or just shifted an octave lower which by sound it is.

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