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    Check this out. Amazing players with a new album project:

    Just posted today:
    Published on Mar 14, 2013

    We are DUAL: Two professional trumpet players. You will have heard us playing on the soundtrack for some great films: Skyfall, Lord of the rings trilogy, Harry Potter films, The Dark Night, Shrek films, Blue Planet, The Hobbit and many more.

    Film fans know that the soundtrack helps paint a picture and breathe life and emotion into a scene. So, with the help of some friends in the industry, we have compiled a special edition album capturing some of the best movie music moments.

    The album will include tracks which show off the versatiliy of the trumpet and some which demonstate the lush cinematic sound of the string section.

    Three year's ago, during a recording session, we decided to make a compilation album of film music from some of the industry's top composers that we have worked with including Hans Zimmer, George Fentron, Rachel Portman and Harry Gregson-Williams.

    We are delighted that our project has the support of these and other film composers.

    Award winning composer George Fenton has agreed to be musical director of the album and we have secured backing from some fantastic musicians, arrangers and engineers.

    Now we would like your help to get the album recorded.

    Click here to see what great rewards we have to offer our backers:
    Unique Soundtrack Compilation Album by DUAL — Kickstarter

    here is the kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dual/unique-soundtrack-compilation-album

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