Dusko Goykovich receives Lifetime Award in Munich

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    Hi folks,

    happy to tell you that Dusko Goykovich just received the Munich Music Lifetime Award for his many decades in Jazz. The award ceremony took place in the Old Town Hall in Munich, in the select presence of exactly 400 personally chosen guests (of which I was one -thanks, Dusko!). Dusko played two or three pieces with his quartet, then the Lord Mayor of Munich's Deputee held a Speech of Honour for him and handed over the Award Scroll (and the cheque!), Dusko's CD pulisher then held another lauding speech - and then it was Dusko's turn. He was very memorable: "Many years ago, some football guy here in Munich declared, in faulty Italian German 'I have Finito!'. I have not finito." And took up the hooter and continued to play for another hour until he was reminded that all the guests were waiting for the final reception and the buffet...
    I was really happy to see and hear Dusko being so vigorous, creative and still at the top of his form at his age (He's 83...).
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    An award well deserved! I greatly enjoy his flugel pieces!

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