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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oldlips48, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    I like the "be gentle" part...
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    Nov 5, 2008
    Some of it is just genetics in how easy or hard it is to play up high in the register. I find it to be very easy working high but the low end gives me problems on a trumpet. On a baritone or tuba I never had a problem playing the upper reach's or the lower reachs I think the size of the mouth piece forced me to losen up a bit. Maybe you need to losen up a bit yourself. If you are concentrateing on working up high you are probably tensing the muscles in your face and neck in a way that is very unnatural for you. This type of wasted residual tension in the muscles of your body can sabotage your efforts big time because all that tension just keeps building up and since your not moveing around where does it go???? It goes to the only place that their is any movement happening which your lips and finger's. So after you warm up and are playing from time to time just stop put your trumpet down sit up write and try to relax your scalp,your forhead, your eyes,your cheecks, your neck and airway, your shoulder, your arm's and your hands. When you feel relaxed shake out the tension in your arms and take a few deep breaths and get back to practiceing. Every time you feel the tension building stop and get rid of it. The last thing you want to program intoyour body is to residual tension not only will it make you tired faster but it will make you playing sound forced and tin can like!

    Also what mouthpiece are you useing? While I am a big fan of large mouth pieces like bach 1-5 in B,C,D cup sizes (hate bach rims design those sizes are for reference only)sometimes it does help to try something with a bit less depth and some more resistance to blow. You might want to go down to your farvorite music store withyour trumpet and try some different mouth pieces out. Sloting definately a combination of the trumpet, the mouthpiece and you so if you are doing your part the nest place to look is at the mouth piece. Picket Brass has some cool designs I want to try. I like the their BC hybrid cup design idea. I also like flatter rims and they can copy the rim shape of my favorite mouth piece or alter all my other ones to my spec.'s! I would give them call tomorrow!
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I just emailed some kids I know that play Getzen 309/409 and they all said they can get up to a high F most of the time with good slotting but both of them said that sometimes for no reason they can figure out it will not slot well up high. SO about 7 out of 10 times it will slot nice for them the rest of the time when working in the upper end of the register it get's flackie..... I did not ask what mouth pieces they are each useing. I propably should have. They are both in H.S. and March with their Getzens. They both have other trumpets for Synphonic and Jazz band. So it looks like the trumpet itself is able to work in this area best try some different mouth pieces at a big music store. Oh a lot of mouth piece companies will let you try before you buy. Schilke ofered to put me in touch with some distributors that could send me a bunch to try and just pay for the one I kept. I am not anyone famious at least not in music world so I would imagine this is something they do. I would highly recomend though that you take a look at picketbrass and warburton(sp). I myself and considering going this wrote and getting say 3-4 back bores and 3-4 tops and then I can almost always have the combination I want for what ever trumpet me or my son are useing.
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    Not to be disrespectful to anyone but... WE are the trumpet. We are the machine. The hunk of metal is just an amplifier. Get the fundamentals down and tone production, intonation, range, technique, speed, etc should be no problem. The problem today is the quick fix mentality (God I sound old). Nothing will beat teaching ourselves how to learn. Look up some medical books on how the body works. Look up information on different "methods". Grr... bottom line, there is no "one magic horn and mouthpiece combo" that will let you be the next Boss or Bud.
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    Piddle with the gap using some 3 x 5 cards you have laying about. Something good might shake out. I know it sounds like gizmo-voodo.

    It sure won't make a whiz out of anyone overnight. But it's free and quick.
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