WTS: Early Elkhart Bach 37 - 1000

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    This trumpet has served me and several others well, and it now needs work - there is a leak confirmed within the third valve slide which makes it very difficult to play low notes. The spit valve spring needs to be replaced. Otherwise, this horn has a ton of personality, ranging from soulful and pathetic to highly dominant russian style orchestra playing, with a delicious hotness you can access for big band section playing. Responds well to constantly modulating dynamic and expression. Classic Bach articulation response - a moderate amount of resistance or a popping feeling. This would be a great horn for somebody who likes fixing things up, or as a budget option for somebody in a playing situation that doesn't involve playing loud low Ab's.

    Three pictures, showing the serial number 32496, and three different examples of its characteristics.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjoAJ-M8T1g (trumpet solo around 29:10)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbpBWjLN66w (trumpet solo around 2:30)

    Asking 1000 American, ships from Montreal in a case at your expense.

    Happy hunting,

    Duncan Campbell
    IMG_20160817_203812.jpg IMG_20160817_203912.jpg IMG_20160817_203755.jpg
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    What do you mean by a leak in the third valve slide?

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