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    I am selling my Eclipse C trumpet. I am selling it through Thompson Music so please visit that site for pics and more info. Thompson Music

    Eclipse Bb trumpet (ca. 2010) - Large bore, Heavy gauge, Yellow brass

    The horn is in fantastic condition. It comes with two sets of bottom caps; weighted and regular. Bauerfeind valves are the finest I�ve ever experienced plus they have a bit shorter throw then typical valves. The slotting is exceptional. You are physically moving less on incredibly smooth valves; it�s feels like cheating!

    Bell bow tuning
    This alleviates any gaps in the lead-pipe prior to the valve block, which makes the horn extremely even playing. All the notes at the top of the staff feel the same. This is the most �in tune� C trumpet I�ve ever played. No need for false fingerings.

    Polished gold plating
    Gold adds to the value of the horn plus allows the horn to warm up faster than silver. The density of the metal adds to the density and complexity of the sound. There is slight wear on the finger buttons and the contact point under the bell.

    Interchangeable lead-pipe system
    The horn comes with six gold plated lead-pipes.

    Valve Alignment
    This alignment was done by Charlie Melk. Not only do the valves perfectly match their ports when depressed, they now also match when open. This process allows the horn to ring more on open partials and gives the horn more overall resonance. I highly recommend this valve alignment process to any trumpet.

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