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    Oct 24, 2003

    Here we go again!! :D

    Okay maybe a bit of an anti-climax, but i have bowed to public pressure okay.
    I have kept the requirements the same as last year as many many folks have contacted me and voiced their opinion that this is the best way it has been set out since it started.
    I have thought long and hard about it and agree with this, it gives everyone a chance with different tasks to choose from.
    This is why it took some time to decide as we had a few other ideas floating around in our heads


    Below are 5 tasks. You must pick 2 of the first 4 tasks for your entry.
    Number 5 is mandatory for all entrants.

    This means that if one particular task does not happen to be one of your strong points, then you can avoid it.



    I want unusual photos that include a trumpet, flugel or cornet. The instrument does not have to be yours.As long as the picture has one of these 3 instruments included in it somewhere.

    For instance: a trumpet blindfolded, tied to a stake awaiting the firing squad.
    Your dog playing the Flugel etc etc You get the idea.

    It must be taken by you and be original, pictures taken from the internet will be disqualified.
    You must post this picture on your entry. If you dont have a place to host the picture then tootsall has that covered (PM him)
    Please note: only one photo in this section
    The photo must be organic as such, no photoshop or editing with any photo gadgets! just as it is taken please.

    This photo must be kept and sent to me in England should you win.

    2. THE STORY

    I want you to write a story for us, it can be about anything you like!

    Make us Cry, make us laugh, make us think you need a shrink!
    Whatever you want.
    This must be an original story, not taken from any other source other than your own mind or it will be disqualified.
    I want a hand written version sent to me in England should you win.


    I want you to make me a model of a trumpet.(it doesnt have to play)
    It can be any size but made from general things that you can find.
    For example candy tubes, hose etc etc
    You can paint it,spray it,dress it up in any way you want.
    Then name it.
    A picture of it must be posted on your entry, again help with hosting the picture should not be too much of a problem.
    No normal trumpet parts may be used!!! but anything else.
    Please note: only one picture of the finished item per entry!!! you can put a link to other pics showing the build process if you wish, but only one finished picture of it on the entry please
    This model should be kept and sent to me in England should you win.


    I want you to write a poem or limerick that is trumpet related in some way.
    Choose a poem OR a limerick, NOT both.
    It can be as long or short as you want.
    Again only original work will be accepted, so only your own thoughts please.
    A hand written copy must be sent to England should you win.

    Okay that's the 4 tasks!

    Remember we only want you to pick 2 of them to do.
    What 2 you pick makes no difference in the judging, we will be judging on merit for each persons entry.

    5. MANDATORY : All entrants must give us a brief reason why they feel that they should win this contest.


    1. No copying of previous years entries.... they are a matter of public record and will be checked!
    2. Only 1 entry per person.Anyone using 2 names will be disqualified.
    3. The judges ruling is final.
    4. Each entrant must have their entry completed in full by the closing date given below. Entries after this date cannot be entered.
    5. The FIRST person posting a particular idea/concept etc. OWNS the idea.
    6. You can update/change/alter/add to your entry as many times as you feel necessary up until the contest close.

    Something else may crop up but that is it for rules at this stage, i'll update as i am made aware of anything.

    This is all about having a bit of fun and having a laugh.

    We do not have any fees or charges to enter this contest so why not have a go?
    I will point out that in every contest we have held, none of the actual winners thought their entry strong enough to win!!! So just have a go !!

    The contest is open as of now so get going!

    CLOSING DATE : 11pm Sunday 16th April (Easter Sunday)

    The prize is in construction and will be shown on here as soon as it is ready.
    Eclipse are experiencing an extremely busy period, and for this reason alone we will find it impossible to have the winner visit us for the prize as we did last year.
    I am sorry about this, however i am sure that what we do offer will be a very nice prize to have.

    I'd like to see as many folks as possible make the effort this year with entries, it's not that difficult to get something together.

    I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck!


    Leigh Mckinney
    Eclipse Trumpets
    Eclipse Trumpets
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