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    Jun 26, 2011
    Hi everybody,

    I have been playing trumpet for two years, and I had a few ups and downs. Well, currently I'm in down phase, my range went from G above the stuff to D above C on the staff, but that's not the only problem. Two months ago I was able to play half an hour some 5-6 begging songs that my teacher gave to me, with few mistakes and with not too centered tone. I set up again with first of these songs and tried to practise two bars by two bars endlessly to gain proper sound quality. However, after two weeks I'm worst than ever, suddenly started embouchure change, there's too much presure and so on ...

    However, in search of the "secret exercise", I found this one, which seems a bit crazy, but with this I can easily play the song I've been working on two weeks (but with somewhat thiner sound). Here it is:

    When I try to play song in this position, I can play the whole song with minimum presure and effort, but obviously trumpet cannot be played that way.

    I'm interested has anyone seen this already and does anyone know how to put this exercise into work ...

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