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    Hi guys, recently i personally think my trumpet playing has 'gone to another level' seeing improvements in all aspects of my playing, but above all in my 'ease of playing' through the registers, notes that i some times couldn't 'own' are now dare i say perfect most of the time. but my main question is playing in the Higher end of the registers say E+ above top C (2nd leg) are still difficult to play!! is there any way of relaxing on these super notes!? to make the tone not sound pinched and being worried that my brain with explode! or is it just consistency and practice like i have developed with other notes?

    this post is in no way a brag as i know most of you guys are better than me! but hey i'm still a 15 yr old kid still making discoveries in the glorious world that is trumpet playing!!

    Peace NYCO10
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    Sometimes when the brain explodes, all of the problems are solved at once.....

    The reason that your high notes don't work is because your breathing, face muscles, tongue, ears and brain are not synchronized. That is what years of practice are for. If the pressure of the horn backs up and makes you feel like the brain is going to explode, you are mashing the mouthpiece against your chops to get the high notes that you have. That always seems to be the problem when range simply stops at a specific note. When playing correctly, the range doesn't stop, it just gets gradually thinner.

    The secret is better breathing, less pressure and more practice - especially lip slurs.

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