Embarassing mobile phone moments!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Bloomin Untidy Musician, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. kadleck

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    Feb 28, 2006
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    While I agree with Rowuk (and others), there is another side to it.

    As a freelancer, I have no "real" (steady) job. When the phone rings, I answer it and hope to get work. It's far from ideal but that's the way it is. Though I'd love to leave my phone off or at home, it's just not an option.

    What I DO do is leave it on vibrate almost 100% of the time. That's just a matter of being considerate.
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  2. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    I have some thoughts on this as well.... woops gotta go phone is ringing.
  3. trumpetnick

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    Nov 16, 2005
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  4. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    there is a difference. People in call centers are on the phone all day, agents are on the phone all day, it is simply their job. The problem is when "call center" time is moved to the concert hall, in public transportation or other places "annoying".

    There is a right way and a wrong way. The human state NEEDS a regular break and the ability to focus.

    One of the most annoying things is when I am in a business conference and somebodies mobile phone goes off. If I am chairing the meeting, they are informed that if they are not capable of reserving quality time for me then they are the wrong partner. I make a point of planning enough in advance to insure that all parties can make arrangements. They need to get their priorities straight. If the subject at hand has no priority, then I need another partner.

    I am sure that you do not leave the pit during a show or rehearsal because your cell phone goes off.

    Perspective is an issue of course. Not having to make decisions what is courtious just leads to more infractions!
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  5. Brad

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    Nov 23, 2004
    When I saw Chris Botti in concert a cell phone went off during My Funny Valentine. Chris stopped playing. A person in the audience says "Its for you, it's Miles". I have always wondered if it was a set up.

  6. Hitman0042

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    Aug 9, 2008

    Miles Davis was Chris Botti's inspiration. I bet it was set up just for a good laugh. You lucky you saw Chris Botti in concert. Chris Botti is my inspiration and i would do anything to go see him in concert. But he doesnt come to Australia so i cant :(
  7. Gary Schutza

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    Apr 6, 2007
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    I was playing a brass quintet concert a few years ago and we had set up a gag during a long over-drawn tuba cadenza. I was to call the 2nd trumpet player on his cell phone and we were to converse across the quintet. The tuba was playing along and I obviously took out my cell and speed-dialed the 2nd trumpet's phone. It started ringing but he looked at me mouthing that nothing was happening on his end. It kept ringing and I told him so. He shrugged, someone answered. It was his wife, I had dialed his home phone. I excused myself to her, said that I had to go that we were in the middle of a concert.it got a pretty good laugh.

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