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    Well If you are planning on playing that long a.k.a you need to hurry up and grab yourself a geart private teacher anyway. Also don't mention our embrochue problem at first just do what he reccoements for 3-4 months. Some things are simpler to fix than you might think.

    Like this one kid at my school he has a weak corners and had a horrible tone after some lessons he got that problem fixed and got 1st chair. Thats one of those extreme stories ,but practicing the right things alone can allow the embrochue to find a sweet spot in the current position its in.
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    Sure, you would be looking straight ahead while playing.

    If you have a great routine, your playing will gravitate to where you sound best and have the easiest time. Fooling around with embouchure changes generally just messes everything up so that what you body is trying to tell you gets buried in the confusion.

    Practice 3 hours a day quietly. Your body will make all the necessary moves apparent.
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    k I'll try it (with some of the suggested "ghost tones"). The private instructor called me back today too so I'm making progress in that area. Now I just need to get a hold of him again in person instead of leaving messages back and forth to discuss how to set up these lessons.

    And you are probably right. Once I start these lessons I will probably start having a lot more improvement and not feel the need to depress/worry myself over major radical ideas like an embochure change. I know how much improvement I felt from private tennis lessons...

    (And I plan on playing the trumpet as long as I can and shooting for some kind of career in it if I can start making some good progress now. I don't feel like I can be the best but if I keep improving at a faster rate I will take any chance I get to work my way into some kind of career with it. I don't have anything to loose and am not doing anything else worthwhile in most of my spare time.)
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