Embouchure Change Gone Wrong

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by chopshop3625, Feb 28, 2010.

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    It's normally about this time, in such a thread as this, that A.N.A. Mendez Esq. posts popcorn - where is the popcorn sir? ;-)
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    He asked a question about mouthpieces. Not embouchure. He specifically asked me a question. I want to help him. I didn't tell him to switch mouthpieces! I told him not to worry about mouthpieces. Did you not read the comment? I play a 1 1/2. He wants to try it out. I told him what i know.

    You have a personal vendetta on me. Isn't that against your rules? I think you should censor yourself.

    Please leave me alone.
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    @chopshop3625: I suggest to take rowuk's comments as signs of some delicate humor - he just pretends to be serious.


    Here comes some popcorn... [​IMG]
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    I'm just returing from a business trip, so I'm late to this thread, but it's already ugly so I figured I'd jump in too.

    In my opinion the two quotes above would be the most useful to the OP.

    Forget the "kids are misunderstood", "trumpeters should be bretheren", or please help cheer me up nonsense. If you want practical, actionable advise, read the quotes above. If you want a shoulder to cry on, or a place to go for people to feel sorry for you, then you've obviously found the wrong forum.
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    What did it take to achieve success?
    How did you cope with the emotional aspect?
    Why is it that for some, embouchure change can take weeks?
    What did they do right?
    My lips are more beaten up now after a 30 minute Clarke studies workout playing with literally no pressure and as softly as possible than the 4 hour practice sessions I used to do with what i admit was faulty mehanics.
    WHAT!! Look, there's an old saying that's about as wrong as it gets. It goes something like this: "Practice makes perfect"
    If you're a trumpet player, "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect".
    Is there a possibility that your problems are not the trumpet but some other situation that's getting in the way?
    Never the less:
    Here's what I would suggest:
    Get away from the horn for two weeks.
    Then (after two weeks) take out the mouthpiece and buzz through it. Don't think about it, just buzz through it.
    That is your embrochure.
    Start back to practicing and read Mouthpiece Pressure Assessment and Circle of Breath.
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    Oops!~!!double post
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    In my opinion, you might want to try and decide where you want to go to college. If possible, get in touch with the trumpet teacher there, and let him/her help you through your embouchure change. Your college trumpet teacher will be the person who decides whether you should be accepted, and if he's working with you on your embouchure, you'll have a great advocate when that time comes. You just need to make sure they are a good enough teacher to solve embouchure problems. If you're anywhere near Lubbock, Texas (Texas Tech), Will Streider is the trumpet teacher there, and he's a master with the embouchure. I've seen him do amazing things with players.
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    Thank you. Excellent advice.

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