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    depending on the direction the thread takes, sometimes I just wait a while........

    There is NOTHING that helps anything in life more than a solid foundation. Unfortunately, most of the trumpet world hasn't figured that out and to be honest, they get what they deserve. Unfortunately, the audience gets what they DON'T deserve.

    Without a correct, relaxed, prepared body, we cannot inhale big whithout screwing up the exhale. When we have a prepared body, it is easy to inhale big and then with no stress to exhale - big and relaxed. Once that is down, then we change exhale to play - without losing the "big" and "relaxed". Yes, I read many of the Zen and..... books. I don't think that this stage is trancendental. It is mostly habit building. When we have the solid foundation, we can build a fancy house.......
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    exactly. well said. sorry for my obtuse reference to the book. i was referring to the part where the guy was learning to shoot the bow and arrow and he figured out a crutch to acheive an intermediate "success" while neglecting the long term purpose. nothing particularly transcendental about it. its called a bad habit. unfortunately, the master was not there to kick my ass. i developed a bad habit because in the short term, it helped me do something more easily. but what i did impeded my overall progress, because it was geared to a very narrow aspect, and not suitable for building on. to do something difficult eventually, one has to do it correctly, and go through the process of developing good habits, which often aren't so glamorous at the time, but will provide a foundation for building on in the future. whatever shortcut you can think of will eventually bite you in the ass. simply replacing one bad habit with another will eventuall lead you to right back where you started. i think this is the reason so many embouchure changes fail, and so many trumpeters have a mouthpiece drawer. the correct thing is most always the easiest thing in the long run, or at least certainly the most direct path to a goal. now that might be somewhat transcendental.
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    wow -- Sethoflagos -- you had the very compliment I have always been trying to give to Rowuk, but the words have always failed me ---- HEY, you Brits have a way with English language after all ------ now I can say, "I love those Aussies, and even those Brits" --- ROFL ROFL ROFL

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