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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mikossant, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Sep 10, 2008

    For the past seven years I have been playing trumpet mostly in the school band.(Concert,pep,jazz) I started playing in fourth grade and am currently a junior in high school who has only really practiced during the last six months. I have always been told to just place the mouthpiece on the lips and begin blowing. This technique, if you will, seems to be the most basic concept of how to form an embouchure. Up until october, I have always played with what seemed like the embouchure my instructors were describing, an embouchure where the lips enter the mouthpiece closed. It wasn't until I discovered this online trumpet community that I came to the realization that I play with an open embouchure. This, "open embouchure", from what I've read provides a very fat sound(which it has) but the side effects negate any benefits. The problem for me is range. I understand that range gradually comes with intelligent practice, which I think I have been doing, yet a high "c" is still a brick wall and it has been since last year.Currently, I can play pedal tones(extremelly low, double pedal c) and slur my way up to a high c. The pedal tones, from what I have read are responsible for this shortlived range increase. After playing 2 hours straight at a football game I can barely hit a
    "G" above the staff(only when using way too much pressure).On some days I can feel the imprint of my teeth on my inner lip tissue.Everytime I play for over fifteen minutes, I end up with a complete visible circle on my lips. It seems that even whn using pressure you should expect a ring, however I can see a complete circle. This is due, I believe, because of the fact that my mouthpece only feels comfortable on my lips. I have never played with my mouthpiece touching any skin, only on the lips.I have tried playing with the mouthpiece touching skin, but it was not working period. I realize that a post like this may recieve differing opinions from experienced and non experienced players alike, so what I really want to know is this: Can someone recommend any great teachers in the orange county, California area. I have also,never tried any mouthpiece besides the standard 7c that came with my trumpet in 4th grade. Could my mouthpiece be the problem?
    Thank you for atleast opening this thread and I hope to read a response.
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    without a private lesson it's impossible to give any suggestions on a change of mpc or mpc placement. The 7 C is a very good size, A lot of pros play this size. You really need agood teacher. ask your band director for suggestions or find a local pro orchestra, jazz band, etc. are ther any colleges close by with a strong music department?

    Good luck. Let us know how this works out.
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    Hey man, private message me, I live in Orange County, I can point you in the right direction
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    This is great advice. you've identified that you're doing things that don't work, now you need to find someone who can help you. I think a 7C is a great all-around mouthpiece, so I don't think that's the root of the problem. Find a trumpet teacher, or a good trumpet player and get some lessons.

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