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    Sep 23, 2010
    I would just like to add seeing that Nick Drozdoff made a post. Having watched some of his free online lesson material (good stuff) my changing embouchure feels/looks a little like when Mr Drozdoff ‘spits’ a few notes before he goes into some of the drills. My wife’s now getting worried having observed me trying to get as close to a mirror whilst playing (to try and see what’s happening to my setting). I am going to ease back on my range work. I would love to experience, “F or G. Eargasm on stage!” (ROWUK).
    Just a final question to ROWUK what are your deeper thoughts about removing the tone booster. When I decided to try one before maybe going to the expense of a heavy top mouthpiece, it did feel different but for me I thought it improved my core sound and maybe helped with slotting.
    I am now going to take a dose of ROWUK’s free medicine.

    Thanks again

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