Embrochure adjust midstream?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by PiperJon, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    I am a novice trumpet player returning after thirty years of not playing. I have been researching information concerning embouchure and practice techniques. I have been studying music theory and trumpet playing for about a week now. I find the above advice clear, concise, and and I will be following it.

    After thirty years of not playing I was able to play two octaves, C to C, from memory and actually hit the top C the first time I pick up the trumpet and it sounded ok (in tune)—not loud and not brilliant but ok. I was way relaxed and no pressure was on me to play. I started pushing myself and straining to play better right away. That didn’t work for me I could not play the same C to C scale after a few days of not so smart practice/playing.

    Thanks to TrumpetMaster I will be a better player.
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    Reminds me of bowling. I bowled a lot as a teenager, but never even cracked 200. Didn't bowl at all for about 20 years after that, and then went with some friends one night. First game, I bowled a 269. Never did that well again, but I only go bowling every 10 or 15 years...:D
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    Follow rowuk's advice and do the practice.

    My take is Pedals are to get the blood flowing, and I do them as part of my warm up. In my case I do Pedals at the end of my warm up, and I know I can hit a High C on call.

    I do a Low G to High G, 3 octave scale (still not perfect) without taking the mpce off the face. And can do Pedals but cannot always get to the Low Pedal C in tune...so I still need to loosen up.

    Practice, watch, read and listen to your teacher's advice.

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