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    Apr 26, 2011
    I agree, it's quite the tool !!
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    If you are REALLY serious about getting better on the trumpet get a good teacher. In my 33 years of teaching, I've never had a student who I could say "do these exercises" without giving them some guidenance. You can buy and read all the books you want to and stillnot do it right.
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    Quit agree, the teacher makes the ink on the page come to life! And the student is thereby guided to breathing that life into a skillful performance.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    Based on what do you proclaim this? A quick look at the NASDAQ numbers shows that Apple is SMOKIN' everyone except Google:

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    The perception of Apple to most people is based on numbers from the '90s. In the 21st century, a lot has happened - only the BS does not go away. Building a great product is something that many companies accomplish. Having that great product also be perceived as Cool or Hip needs a bit more. Apple has a product that can stand on its own despite the hype. Not for everybody, but they don't produce in those quantities either.

    Source of Numbers:
    Apple Inc.: NASDAQ:AAPL quotes & news - Google Finance

    My Apple stock was bought at $29/share:thumbsup:
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    Jun 9, 2011
    I think my comment should have been explained a little better lol.
    I believe that Apple has done a great job cornering the mp3 player market with the Ipod, and have made an amazing cellphone, the Iphone.
    But that shouldnt be enough. I believe Apple could drastically increase it's current 11% pc market share (latest quarterly sales numbers) by lowering it's computer prices. All great companies eventually stagnate without innovation, Apple's archrival Microsoft is a perfect example. ( In the PC area, The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's golden child right now.)

    But why Apple has not lowered prices and gone for the jugular is odd to me. Maybe it's more greed than anything else? That, and keeping Apple an "elite" product, which helps to not upset the very high share prices.Yes, I know, everything is moving to cloud, mobile and tablet computing. But if not many people use your computer, they will probably be using a competitors cloud for the data on their pc. Expand your marketshare, decrease competitors marketshare.
    Why would you allow your competitor to dominate the computer market, particularly when Microsoft is quite obviously at a low point innovation wise.

    The Xbox 360 is a huge success, but a lot of other things Microsoft has done in the last several years always are way behind the curve timewise, and as a result dont catch on. Windows phones, Zune, etc. Apple should really be applying the pressure to the only real competitor to it's operating systems on a large scale, but it has never done so. Why?

    And whats with the odd behaviour over at Apple? Why would you care if people wanted to give away your product as a prize?
    Apple tries to put the kibosh on iPad and iPhone giveaways - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

    Also In 2010 Apple broke it's contract with Costco, choosing to allow other retailers like Walmart and Target to sell the Ipad but not Costco? It doesnt make sense at all, there is no reason why you would not want Costco selling your product if you are willing to let wallyworld carry it. Here's just one of a multitude of articles on it.

    Divorce: Apple and Costco

    And one last interesting article, about how Apple causes "a religious reaction" in the brains of it's fans.

    Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists

    I realize this is a trumpet forum, but I had to at least respond, I'm certainly dont want anyone thinking I'm making things up or just talking big. No, I dont own an Apple pc or phone, but I do have an old Ipod. Not trying to be inflammatory either, Apple users, hopefully I have kept the language toned down.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    Apple is not in that business. They make products "for the rest of us". All of them are profitable and they do not need to bow or beg to the major retailers. If too much gets out there, it becomes ordinary.
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    AND here we go again --- I suppose Maynard Ferguson and Chuck Mangione always listened to their teachers?????
    I believe both of them were expelled from college --- pretty much for going beyond what the teacher's wanted them to learn/play -- or actually taken a piece of music and playing it in their own style.
    so what did their teachers provide????

    NO -- you have to have talent, perspective, and motivation, something that a teacher can't provide. Maybe they can get that out of you, maybe they can't ---
    Here is a question --- did the first trumpet players have teachers??:dontknow::dontknow::dontknow:
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    May 9, 2008
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    So much great advice...I'll throw my .02 cents in. I bought a P.E.T.E. from Warburton. I use it any days I'm not able to get the horn in my face. I just took a summer vacation...was gone a week and had a gig the next Monday. During the entire week I used the device every day as instructed in their video. All I can say is I played the gig, and had chops to spare at the end. Works for me. It's done wonders for my embouchure muscles.
  9. gmonady

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Not always, but enough of the time to give them the skills, technique and knowledge to take it to the next level. I teach medical students to have the best basic medical foundation possible, then they go on to become surgeons, gynecologists, psychiatrists, emergency physicians. I do none of these specialties, but they developed the basic skills to then advance into more specialized areas.

    I disagree, teachers in many ways sever as role models to these talented individuals and helped direct them into the careers they chose. Listen to Chris Bottie discuss the influence Dave Baker (his teacher) had on him. This is one piece of evidence refutes your theory. There are many others out there... Dizzy Gillespie/Claudio Roditi... Lee Morgan/Eddie Henderson... Claudio Roditi/Gary Onady... that last comparison pretty much brings the point home... but there are oh so many others...

    No but they had to live to about 300-600 years old to finally get it right - at least that's the ball park range noted in the Bible.
  10. Dave Hughes

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    Hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer...Just kidding! This is some great advice people are giving- the best is to take some lessons, even one a month. But I'll have to admit, hammer, hammer, hammer, sometimes works for me!:shock:

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