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    :shock: Ow.
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    I can't remember any community band or high school concert that lasted more two hours and such was with a 20 minute intermission between the hours. Usually wedding receptions are about the same ... with exceptions. Club gigs, Las Vegas style or otherwise, are the ones that push your limits whereas you're playing to constant change of audience ... and you're lucky to get 5 minute breaks as such are just enough time to go when you gotta go.

    I've found one factor that vastly contributes to endurance ... that is the player's own enjoyment ... which certainly can be enhanced by the enjoyment of the audience.

    As for a symphony, you practice to perfect what a trumpet is required to play in each movement. You'll usually find that trumpets do not play continuously throughout a symphony, but if you lack appreciation for what other instruments play don't expect them to appreciate what you play either ... and it is unlikely the audience will.
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    Would you be so kind as to discuss this endurance practice? Thank you!
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    When your lips are together you have a prayer. If your lips are apart, you'll get nothing but air.

    Endurance is the ability of the muscles surrounding the lips to hold them in place without tiring for long periods of time while playing the horn. You do not build the endurance to play for hours by only practicing for minutes. The slower and softer you play the more endurance you will gain. Rest as much as you play. Strength is not build during exercise but during the rest periods when the muscles rebuild.
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    +1 to ultratrumpet. I couldn't have said it better myself.
    You have to practice endurance -- it's a stark difference between a professional and a beginner, and it comes from more time on the horn
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    Long tones.
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    I happen to like Strauss's Alpine Symphony and have played the trumpet parts and some other instrument parts as well all the way through. Still in doing this, I practiced each movement until I had it all in my pocket. Some great stuff for an alto horn as I remember. Don't presently have the music or I'd play it again. Too, I don't now have access to an alto horn. See my prior response.

    Like much of the classical music we routinely play, such as Strauss's Blue Danube, they are just excerps of larger works.

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