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Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by trumpet blower88, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    I need a litle help. I'm writting this essay for english, the class just started so its kind of like a pre-test, in that she just wants to see where we are in the beginning, so she won't help us at all. I can write it out fine, I've always gotten A's in english, but theres one thing thats giveing me a litle trouble.

    We have to write an essay showing how we disagree with an article given to us. The article is titled "With No Boys to Ogle, We Had Time to Learn." Its all about this feminist woman who thinks we should all have same-sex schools. All of her ideas and arguments are way out of liberal left field, and being the conservitive I am I disagree with them all, but theres one that stick out far beyond the others in my mind.

    The article is subtitled "As same-sex schools disappear, so do students who know that excellence has no gender preference."

    I don't know anyone who would think this way, and to me saying that students today think excellence is based on gender is ignorant and foolish. This is something that I could sit here and rant about, but I can't do that in my essay, I just need a nice, short, simple way of saying "This is bull-crap." But of course I cant just say that it's bull crap.

    Does anyone know of just a short, once sententece way of saying this that won't get me sent to the principals office? Also, if anyone cares to share to share their own oppinions for, or against same-sex schools, please feel free...
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    Don't get caught arguing the wrong point. You've listed the sub-topic but what is the main topic? As I see it there are two main points to debate:

    1) Excellence is (or is not) gender based.

    2) Private (single-sex) schools cause students to realize (or not realize) that excellence is gender based and the gradual elimination of these schools will tend to cause a reduction in the number of students who believe (or not believe) in the statement.

    Therefore make certain you are picking the one that is intended to be the subject of the exercise. The teacher is not asking what students think today: the teacher is asking that you debate the topic.

    Further, I don't see where your being conservative has anything to do with your position: same-sex (private) schools are EXCEPTIONALLY conservative, having their roots in the upper class of owners/managers of industry! Prior to the industrial age, women generally did not even get an education beyond the simple comportment, home economics & fine arts. Just because a person is a Liberal, a Conservative, a Buddhist, a Frenchman... doesn't make their thoughts any more or less relevant. Don't use labels... use logic.
  3. trumpet blower88

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    Jun 15, 2005
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Wow... you helped me enough with that right there. The statement I'm trying to talk about really dosn't have anything to do with the topic. I guess it's just that I disagree with that one line and wanted to start from there, but thats not really the best place to start... I guess I just have the tendencey to over think things like that.

  4. JackD

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    Absolutely. I went to a private all boys school that is basically a breeding ground for budding tory mps!

    Also, on your point about getting in trouble - is that really true? I'd quite often break into bouts of sardonic insults and swear words in my essays when I was doing A level, and never had any trouble (must've been that liberal all boys school eh? ;) )
  5. Manny Laureano

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    Yeah, Toots is right.

    I don't know where you got the idea that single sex schools were a liberal idea. Perhaps because a feminist happens to agree with a conservative position you may be be questioning your opinion. I'm very much in favor of "boys only" schools and "girls only' schools. I think it's a great to learn without the distraction of the opposite sex. I think boys are less likely to act like idiots when girls aren't around during school. Chances for socializing with the opposite sex would happen on weekends or after school but not "on the job".

    Don't throw a good idea out with the bathwater just because someone whose opinions you don't like holds them also.

    As for expressing yourself without resorting to swearing, well, I guess you're just speaking tongue-in-cheek on that one because I'm sure you don't have to do that in order to express yourself firmly, right?

    Talk into a tape recorder until the words that express what you THINK start to flow. Then transcribe the best of what you said onto paper.


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