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    Oct 31, 2003
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    Hello Jazz lovers, musicians, educators and friends;

    I've recently done a major overhaul on my site and would
    appreciate a look if you get a chance.
    Some of the new stuff:

    A streaming live video of my group Quorum (featuring some midi EVI-Electric
    Valve Instrument work) and some of the Bay Area's top Jazz talent.
    A free sample cut from the Quorum cd
    Studio samples of me with some of Tower Of Power horns

    My new publications page featuring "The Really Big Student Songbook" with
    free sample pages and educator discounts.
    New original Combo Charts-all with sound clips.

    The new EBVM* trumpet mouthpiece.
    An audio demo/lecture for trumpet- "How To Play Pedal Tones"

    If you get the time to take a look, everything is new and if you can let me
    know if something doesn't work, then please drop me a line.
    Any comments would be great.


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