Ever heard of Jerry Tyree?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Brassmonkey, May 28, 2008.

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    Jan 6, 2007
    Back in the 50's and 60's there was a talented young trumpet player that worked with Maynard on his Birdland band by the name of Jerry Tyree. That was his introduction to NY. He was fresh out of college from IU having studied with Bill Adam and he was ready to take on the musical world.

    I had the pleasure of working a few big band gigs (and a theme park gig called Circus World of all things) in the '80's with Jerry. He's quite a character - and an amazing jazz player. Check out his site and you'll see what I mean.

    I won't say any more about him. Go to his site and let him do the talking. Jerry Tyree - Media Manager


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