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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by MSP2008, Apr 22, 2010.

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    May 9, 2009
    Certainly. Like most other people said on here, he thinks it's breathing correctly. He has me breathing through a paper towel roll, and exhaling the same way, the whole "O" shape of the mouth and "Ah" in the throat. I've read Four Fundamentals of Troubleshooting for Brass Players by Bobby Shew, I'm really not translating the idea of breathing correctly to the horn. I feel like if I can understand, my endurance will improve dramatically.
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    Here's a little something that an old guy taught me that was learned at Eastman:
    Imagine (yes imagine) a hole in the small of your back about the size of a tennis ball. When you inhale, imagine the air being sucked in through that hole.
    What you'll notice is the belly around the belt buckle will go out instead of your shoulders going up. Shoulders going up is often an indicator of poor or inefficient breathing.
    This imagery really worked well for me and in no time, I was having no issues with breathing.
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    MSP 2008 sounds like your teacher has you working in the right direction. One thing I would stress is that it really isn't about understanding esp with your mind. It's about experiencing doing it right and then dveloping the correct habits. this happens when your teacher gives you correct exercises to do and shows you how to approach them. It sounds like he's doing just that. Right now have a lot of patience with yourself. remember our mind is smart, our muscles are dumb. They need correct, simple, easy repertition. Good luck.

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