Exercise tips - same for trumpet playing?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by wilcox96, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I was clicking around the headlines on AOL and came across a story about common fitness mistakes. As I read it, I thought... might the basics of these tips have relevance to our daily trumpet routines? Here's the text:

    • Forgetting to warm up and cool down Warming up reduces the risk of injury, and stretching after a workout prevents soreness. Be sure to stretch right, though -- improper stretching can be just as dangerous as not stretching at all. A basic rule: Don't bounce. It will cause tears in your muscles.
    • Not cross-training You've got to mix it up, because doing the same thing over and over again results in overused and strained muscles. Get a well-rounded workout by practicing a variety of cardio and strength training activities.
    • Engaging in improper form Don't rush through your workout. Pay attention to quality, not quantity, so you don't strain your muscles. Ever blast through a set of crunches and feel all sorts of pulling on your neck? Bad form, indeed.
    Seemed comparable to me....What do you think?
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    Last time i checked we were using lip muscles so it makes sense to me.
    I've always believed in those sorts of things. I'm not religious about cooling down, but I do it if i felt strained. Warm-ups are definitely important for me. And proper form, well - I got braces this summer, and i started doing the alexander technique (well, the trager approach and feldenkrais method) and my tone got better ... than before braces.
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    It could`nt hurt.

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