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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by jellesmiecht, Jul 13, 2012.

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    I don't think you should be so hasty to make such conclusions. If his neck is a balloon and he risks rupturing his throat and not being able to play again without surgery, then I think that's a very serious issue.
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    I think you ought to re-assess this post. Maybe even edit/delete. The trumpet player's neck puff while not always a problem can lead to a devastating and possibly career ending injury. While perhaps Jellesmiecht may not have defined his condition as specifically as I would have preferred I still find his neck puff a concern that none of us should ignore.

    I'm told that William Vacchiano had SURGERY done on his neck due to throat expansion caused injury.

    Bill Chase had lost volume in his speech due to vocal chord stress directly caused by neck puffing.

    A great player at Disney World with huge Double C's had to give up playing the trumpet.

    So its no small matter.
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    The neck puff does NOT occur when playing softly. My suggestion is to practice (much) more, but at levels far quieter than now. That gives your body a chance to build better "habits". It could be something as simple as mashing the mouthpiece into your lips which limits efficiency nd causes your air to back up.

    At the end of the day, you should get one on one lessons from someone who can help you locally.
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    Even when I played C in staff at pp the throat was already expanding, at G above at pp it was as huge as a G at ff.

    But anyway I fixed it now by making a slight adjustment to the embouchure, my playing is now much more comfortable, need less pressure on the lips, I don't have the big throat anymore, my sound is much more open and I can finally tongue the notes in their center at C in staff and above...

    I never made so much progress in such short time so I guess the neck puff that I had wasn't much good and needed to disappear. :)
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    I think that the advice given to you thus far (other than my own) has been inadequate. Nah I don't "think" that I KNOW it.

    The facts are that the neck puff is caused by a build up of air pressure within the throat. This air pressure is roughly the same as throughout a human body's lungs, throat and mouth while playing the trumpet. When playing softly we generally use less air pressure. Ditto that for lower notes. But in order for a loud upper register tone to sound it will always require a substantial increase in air pressure inside the body and thus put some kind of additional pressure increase within the throat. We can't really refer to the build up of air pressure that causes a neck puff as "excessive" because that same air pressure MUST be used to say play a double forte High G (above High C). While it may be "excessive" to maintain the normal appearance of the neck it isn't excessive if you want to play a Maynard chart.

    Pure physics here kids. Nothing new...

    The cartilage around the throat, such as the Adam's Apple can usually take a fair bit of expansion. If however one plays in the extreme upper register a good deal? We're likely to see some kind of puffing occur. Especially in the taller trumpet players such as Bill Chase was and Lin Biviano is. Both large neck puffs.

    The question that remains is: When does a neck puff become harmful?

    And the answer is that it depends upon the individual. Only he can determine if his type of puffing is hazardous or not. As for the O/P? I'm gonna guess that his neck puff will return just as soon as he puts more air support behind the instrument. But again I can't predict if this will bulge to the point of stretching so badly as that poor cat from Disney World did a few years back. While an amazing scream player he had to quit it all.

    There are ways of eradicating much of a neck puff and are posted in one of my earlier notes. Good luck!
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