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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by the newbie, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. the newbie

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    Jan 27, 2011
    San Francisco
    i couldnt play brums... i got rythm, but not that cordination, left hand right hand thing.

    I was a dj for 10 years i have good headphones/earphones but that doesnt help the stamina/longevity using the silent brass system it just makes the "electronic". sound louder clearer.

    ill get there... eventually.

    And as a side note,,, this is only my sound creation were talking about! i still got to read the articulation of the notes/ time structures /chord tones of every key? memorise key signatures! relavent chords scales etc etc etc!!!

    Its like there is such a long way to go, but one can only take small steps at a time to get there.
  2. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    As a newbie, you may not have read many of my posts. I'm 75 now going on 76 and began my first comeback after a 44 year plus lapse in 2006 starting again with a pre-owned Conn Director cornet given me and began to acquire other instruments that I had previously played. By mid 2009 I had regained about 90% of my prior capability when I began loosing my frontal teeth as were crowns that abruptly halted my playing again. Then in mid 2010 I underwent triple heart bypass and post surgical atrial fibrilation. 3/4 through 2011 my teeth are restored with full upper denture and a lower partial and my heart issue is also behind me and I'm again now rebuilding my capability that I had through high school and college having initially been instructed, and had as high school band director and my private tutor, Dr. Walter H. Cameron, who had played cornet in Sousa's second commercial band 1926-31 and then went on to play cornet with Ringling Brother Circus before they merged with Barnum & Bailey. All that said, I too realize that now I've a very long road ahead to achieve my goals and again play as I would like to play, but I'm diligent with my daily practice regimen that may extend 3 hours twice a day, each session being now 30 minutes playing 10 minutes rest and 30 minutes playing, as repeated. Yep, long journey begins with one step.
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  3. Bob Grier

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    May 4, 2007
    Greensboro, NC
    I would say the 11C is too small and the 3B too deep and open at this point for you. You need to get a good middle of the road mpc. In Bach or Curry sizes try out 7C, 6C, 5C. In Schilke/Yamaha sizes 11, 11C4, 12, 12C4, 13C4. In Stork 5C or 6C. You really don't have enough of a embouchure at this point to really tell which mpc will ultimately fit you. That's several years away. Any of the sizes I mentioned will work fine for you. Stop worrying about the other stuff. This is why you need a teacher. To keep you on track and to let you know what's normal at this stage of your development. So you won't become preoccupied with things that really don't matter right now.They will tell what you need to work on and what will work itself out on it's own in time.

    For example, the last thing you need to think about right now is throat sizes.

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