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    Jan 23, 2004
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    Just picked up the lastest Feb.04 issue of www.jazziz.com magazine.
    What a treasure!!!!
    This issue cover is a collector issue not to be missed....for a nickle less than $10.00 it contains living artists that recall their first encounters with The Prince of Darkness....ICONMAN MILES~!

    The bonus CD is truly remarkable: filled with Love Songs and why we sing about LOVE!
    What a great valentine treasure for a jazz lover. This disk has some really beautiful cuts.

    Go to the website and see what I mean?
    Gabriel Mark Hasselbach..
    Pamela Williams (what a angel voice)
    Wynton and Bobby McFerr (I love you!) is worth the price of both the magazine and CD!

    For those Wynton doubters....You'll change any ideas about Wyntons tone, improv talents forever...after you hear what he can do with that trumpet of his as he backs Bobby's scat on the cut
    "I LOVE YOU!" Wynton changes his stripes..from soft lyrical-muted and then full hammer down...paint strips an improv with a blistering big bold dense fat...huge full voiced trumpet sound that would make any BACH-A-HOLIC think, he'd died and gone to heaven and surely must think that sound of Wynton's was direct from GABRIEL himself...Leaving all of us who hear this cut....SHOWS SO CLEARLY THAT WYNTON is still very very much still the man with the horn to be recognized and appreciated as truly one of the greatest trumpetmasters of these times...
    What a talent....
    Another surprise on this CD was Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. (I wonder if he play a......Bach? Hey should, with a name to match :lol:

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