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    Oct 26, 2003
    I have been away from the TM site more than usual lately (also haven't seen some other posters here), with only occasional visits, but it seems that there is a revamping in process, and also a change of tone here.

    I don't know how web sites run, how they are charged for "space", etc., but I sure liked the layout and navigation much better with the dedicated forums, before they started getting lumped together, in order to save space (whatever that means or amounts too).

    Even if a particular forum hasn't had a post in X days, it doesn't mean that it hasn't been visited. It is a lot easier to seek information about "Monette, Jokes, Comeback Kid, or whatever" with dedicated forums, than it is to try to wade through the conglomerate of unrelated posts looking for whatever it is one seeks, especially if it is a topic that doesn't get as many posts as another - it will just be pushed to the bottom of the page, or next page or two, only to be forgotten & not sought. Too difficult to retrieve, and in the long run will drive people away from this site, simply because it's too hard to find what they want.

    Too save the most space - why not just have one forum for everything, and just call it Trumpets & Stuff. Kind of like having a filing system of multi, individual, files, and then just dumping them all into one large box. Kind of hard to locate that one receipt.

    I sure hope that this site won't succumb to growing pains & financial constraints. Best of luck to this site, it's been a nice ride so far.


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