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  1. trumpettrax

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    Mar 18, 2006
    What is the trumpet fake book all about? I've seen references to it, but never knew what it was. Is it a book with whole songs in it or what?

  2. tobylou8

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    Dec 22, 2008
    Here's a link.

    Amazon.com: The Best Fake Book Ever: B-flat Edition (9780793585458): Hal Leonard Corp.: Books

    I never used one because I don't play that style of music. My teacher has one and he said he used it if he got a request for a song he/the band didn't know. It has the basic outline of popular songs and the key changes, etc., so you can fake your way through the song as if you knew it all along. Then all the drunk people applaud and say how wonderful you are and tell you, "You play beautifully. That's my favorite song ( until they request the next one)".
  3. Wade LeBosh

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    Apr 24, 2011
  4. kcmt01

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    My group uses mostly fakebook style lead sheets, with some chord sheets and a couple of vanilla charts. Even when we have full scores, we reduce them down to one of the above. A fakebook uses "lead sheets" which consist of the melody line with the chords written above and the lyrics below. Almost all of them are written in concert pitch so you have to transpose for trumpet. A chord sheet is the lyrics with the chords written above. A vanilla chart is kind of hard to picture, but I'll try. They consist of boxes, with each box representing a measure. The chords are written in each box in a manner that tells you which beat the chord falls on.
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    Basically back in the day people used to transcribe tunes illegally sometimes very badly and with lots of mistakes, eventually the record companies and artists decided to make some 'real books' which are all correct, I think there are 3 volumes in C, Bb, and Eb. along with the proper real books there are also hundreds of fake books out there which are pretty much the same, usually cheaper though.

    these books contain hundreds of lead sheet
    from which you can play from then improvise
  6. Wade LeBosh

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Believe it or not when I'm playing through the Real Books on piano I think I find different incorrect chord change everyday! The "New Real Books" by Hal Leonard are much better.

  7. SmoothOperator

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    Jul 14, 2010
    Yeah except all the corporate fake books don't have any real songs, and are filled mostly with songs for which the copyrights are easily obtained. So for example most fake books have versions of St. Louis Blues because it is out of copyright, but don't have Summertime or I've Got Rhythm, because copyrights aren't easily obtained for those, even thought he latter are more popular these days.
  8. phittle

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    May 9, 2008
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    I think the best fake books are bootlegged (illegal) versions (never actually seen one;)), although one has to be really careful, as often times the chord changes are just wrong in a lot of instances....at least in the case of Jazz fake books. There's been a CD floating around out there since the age of the CD-rom that has eleven fake books on it....someone had a scanner and a lot of patience! If you're into Jazz, they are a great source to learn tunes...although it's a good idea to listen to decent original recordings of any given tune...and play the chords on piano and compare them. Many times the perceived "wrong" chord will be a substitute or embellishment which actually "hips" up the tune.
  9. Wade LeBosh

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    Apr 24, 2011
    I would have to disagree. I own several of the old real books and all of the new ones. There were 3 "illegal" Real Book editions back in the day that featured many popular and jazz standards but also wrong chord changes, notes, and rhythms (i.e. printing obvious harmonic devices such as chromatic bass motion backwards.) Hal Leonard reissued these books as "The Real Books" (Vol. 1-3), obtained the legal copyrights for the vast majority of the songs and fixed many of the errors. Hal Leonard has also issued "The New Real Books" (Vol. 1-3) featuring many of the old tunes (Misty, Autumn Leaves, Satin Doll), jazz standards (E.S.P., Oleo, Speak No Evil), funk and fusion (lots of Weather Report like River People and even Al Jarreau and Michael Jackson). These "New Real Books" are transcribed with painstaking detail and many of the funk charts have separate parts for horns, keys, bass, and percussion.

    The Old Real Books and New Real Books have some tunes in common but for the most part are completely different even though they are now all published by Hal Leonard.

    Old Real Book: [​IMG]

    New Real Book:

    If used correctly these books can be the value textbooks along with recordings for learning jazz improvisation. There are other fake books that focus on rock, pop, latin, The Beatles or anything else you can imagine but these are the best for jazz/fusion.
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    The New Real Books are published by Sher Music not Hal Leonard (unless they have recently taken them over or something?). They are quite alot nicer and more legible than the Hal Leonard ones which in turn are much nicer and more legible than the older somewhat less legal ones. However, probably the most useful thing is just to have the same one as the rest of the band! There is much overlap but it's pretty annoying when you have the same chart in a different key. Even the US and European versions of the Hal Leonard ones have some different charts in...

    Here is quite a handy searching tool for these any many other books: The Fake Book Index

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