Falklands vet returns Bach Strad

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    Despite it's quite old (4 years) I just found this story about a Argentinian soldier whose Bach Strad was stolen on the Falklands War by a British soldier and he returned it 30 years later. I found the story thanks to a comment of the Argentinian man on a Spanish forum. Amazing :)

    "Paratrooper Tony Banks had been ordered to strip belongings from Argentine prisoners, including army musician Omar Tabarez who was armed with only a trumpet.

    He stowed the instrument in his office after returning to Britain and it lay untouched until last year.

    Mr Banks, whose nursing home business is worth an estimated £60m, had always regarded the confiscation as pointless and carried a sense of guilt for nearly three decades.

    "For years I'd been wondering what happened to the owner of the trumpet," said Mr Banks, 48, of Kirriemuir, Angus, in Scotland. "Everyday I'd look at it and say 'this isn't mine, I have to give it back'. And I'd often think 'where is this guy? I'd wondered what happened to him,"

    Yesterday the pair were reunited in Buenos Aires after a year-long quest by Mr Banks to track down Mr Tabarez and return his instrument.

    The two were young men when they first faced each other for a brief moment before Mr Tabarez, 19, was ordered give up the instrument. Banks, then 20, was unsure if he should follow orders and take the trumpet.
    "I said to the commanding officer, do I have to take this, and he said 'yes'. There were other soldiers standing around with rifles and bayonets, and I had a trumpet," said Mr Banks, who fought in the Para 2 regiment.
    Tabarez, 48, paid tribute to the former Scottish paratrooper for his gesture.
    "This act shows you're a man of deep honour. There is no price for this act of kindness," he said in a small living room in the former army musician's home on the outskirts of the Argentine capital.
    "I really appreciate this. I always dreamed of getting my trumpet back. It gives me comfort. It's like getting a brother back."
    The father-of-two recalled the day the first two met when he carried his trumpet in a black case with his music books.
    "I saw this guy, and he was observing me, what I had. I saw him speak to his boss then he came over to me. I knew he didn't take this voluntarily," he said.
    The retired veteran, who is about to become a history professor, said he bore no animosity to the ex-British servicemen over the 1982 conflict that left 257 British and 649 Argentine soldiers dead.
    "It was a job we had to do. We were soldiers sent there, and only boys acting as men. The politicians and the governments, they sent us there, not us," said Tabarez, who manned an artillery post in Port Stanley.
    The Argentine army will honour the former Scottish paratrooper today (Wednesday) for his "good attitude" in an official ceremony to be attended by top army officials."

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    Trumpet´s return will herald peace between Falkland ´foes´ - Jeff Farrell Journalist

    BBC News - Falklands vet returns PoW trumpet

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    Very nice story -- but has it really been 30 years since the Falkland's conflict?

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    Jul 18, 2011
    Fancy taking a trumpet to a gun fight.
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    Thanks for posting
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    This story warms the heart a little. 30 years and this act of reconcilliation comes about due to a trumpet.
    Good post.

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