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    Recently I have been noting that I get certain questions emailed to me by sincere trumpet students striving for clarification on some of the stuff I do. After reading these I see repeated themes - FAQ's, as it were. Well, after reading some posts in another forum about professional trumpeters answering volumes of emails, it occurred to me to do video clips addressing these. It is just easier to show this stuff as opposed to trying to type it out.

    Near the bottom of my Online Lessons page, I've started with two short clips. I was only able to get a couple done, as my studio is completely gutted for remodeling. I do plan on more, but this is all I can get done right now. These first two are dealing with 1.) Hi Gear (I get lots of questions about the set) and 2.) Using the Asymmetric Mouthpiece in the low register. I realize these first two are a bit more trivial, but there will be more.

    Thanks for your patience.

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