Fascination - Bottoming Out - Horn Demos Almost Done

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Jul 1, 2008.

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    OK, I've got a couple of new videos clips up.

    The first one I want to share with you is titled Fascination: Bottoming Out. It is in my Frequently Asked Questions page on my site. You can find it by going to Nick Drozdoff :: Home, hitting the Online Lessons page and then scrolling down to the Frequently Asked Questions link and click on it, OR you can follow this link:

    Nick Drozdoff

    First I play Lennie Niehaus' arrangement of Fascination from the duet book, "Trumpets Today." I videotaped the a single un-repaired take of the first part. I had pre-recorded the second part. The I address a frequently asked question about the challenges of bottoming out in shallow mouthpieces and what I suggest as a way of thinking to avoid it.

    Next, on my Media page, I have a set of horn demos near the bottom. These are intended as pre audition clips that I am using for some projects I've been working on. The most recent addition is my flugel demo. I play four clips I found from Philip Sparke and Eric Ball on a brass band web site for their auditions. I play them on flugel, though I have no idea if they're intended to be played on flugel, cornet or euphonium in treble clef. The site was non specific as to that fact and suggested just learning them on the horn one was considering auditioning on, so I picked flugel. Next I did the first entrance from the post horn solo from Mahler's 3rd. I guess most folks wouldn't play this on flugel, even though the part calls for it (Phil Smith plays C cornet). It is pretty tough on flugel, but I thought it would be a good exercise. Finally I just blow some "jazz" on "Hello Young Lovers."

    Obviously to get to that vid, you need to go to Nick Drozdoff :: Home, hit the media page and then scroll down. Or you can see both clips right at Youtube. Here are the links.

    Fascination: Bottoming Out
    YouTube - Fascination/Bottom-out

    Flugel Demo:
    YouTube - Flugel Demo - Legit and Jazz - Nick Drozdoff

    I would love for you to come directly to my site. I like seeing the hit count mount up. However, if you go directly to Youtube, you also have the option to watch the videos in high quality. The embedded code doesn't show that option.

    Ok, I hope some folks can enjoy these.


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    Jan 30, 2006
    Thanks for the vids!

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