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    Apr 30, 2010
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    I never had a problem with feedback because I played an Olds Super for 22 years and then changed to a Getzen 900 Eterna Classic. As I have read above the Getzen is a very good feedback instrument. Thanks Tobylou, I had almost forgotten how extraordinary the Getzen is. In my case the directors face can only confirm what I am already hearing...I am awsome! ops...too much?
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    Jun 18, 2006

    I disagree with your premise that hearing better makes you play better - because it depends on how much of what you pump into the horn needs to get to the audience AND what that sound at the audiences ears is like.

    As to being "stuck" with what the manufacturer did, thank you, you prove my point for buying the horn that "fits" best instead of thinking that we can outguess the pro artisans.

    As a rule, the bell brace furthest away from you will increase feedback the closer it is to the valves. The problem is the loss of control when you crescendo. The horn is no longer as easy to control before the sound starts to distort. The possibility of becoming obnoxious is much greater.

    My rule of thumb is that the better the halls are where you play, the "stiffer" the horn can be. For players outdoors or in the studio, lighter "less" braced horns can make life easier - if you practice enough to maintain control.
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    Or you can just learn to play a tad more into the music stand if you can't hear yourself.
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    I would think the best feedback would be the look on the face of your audience!

    My somewhat modified Yamaha has the least feedback of any of my horns...but that does not mean I can't hear it well. The positive thing is that the Yammy has projection out the wazoo, enough to cover up a big band.
    My Getzen literally vibrates in my hands, but does not project like the 2335. My Carol is somewhere in between.

    I have no trouble hearing myself on any of my horns, and neither does my wife. Perhaps that's why she always has a pair of ear plugs with her!
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    This is my finding as well. The great outdoors can really separate the men from the boys.
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    Well, about hearing better alllowing you to play better ....... I think that's just a general rule for musicians. Everybody knows that rule ... you can't play your best unless you can clearly hear what you're doing. I can't imagine anyone with stage experience not knowing what that feels like (when the engineering lets you down .... bad monitors, bad engineering or whatever) and you just can't hear well enough. Your volume is too low, somebody else's is too high .... you're trying to sing on key but the piano is too low in the mix to give you good chord references or whatever. And, anyway, I didn't say it would make you play better (hearing better) but would ALLOW you to play better. There's a difference.

    But, I hear what you're saying about "better sound" (for trumpet) meaning better at the point of the audience's ears, not yours .... since there is such a difference. I guess the term "feedback" needs to be expanded to include feedback from recordings, audiences, etc.

    And about the designers knowing what they're doing ..... Yes, I agree totally with you, Rowuk, that they know what's best. The player's job is to find the right horn (for them and their jobs), not second-guess the designers. What's the point of that??? It's so much more fun to try out lots of horns.:lol:

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    Okay, I tried this and it worked TOO WELL.

    New Question: "How can I get LESS feedback ....:shhh: (my ears are ringing).ROFL

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    My high school band director would agree wholeheartedly!! :lol::lol:

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