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    This raises a point that I've often wondered about - So what would you do if a piece were programed that you simply weren't capable of playing? Perhaps something outrageously off the wall with a ridiculous range (i would think that it would have to be a range issue as I couldn't imagine it being a rhythmic thing). Imagine something comparable to being a high school trumpet player and your director says "Our next concert will be the Bartok Concerto for Orchestra and the Michael Haydn concerto in D." Yikes!!!

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    Dr. Zink,
    if a music director did that, he or she would have a reason - like trying to get rid of or get even with the Soloist. They are risking their own reputation with stunts like that though!
    I could envision something being picked that is totally out of context with the players capabilities, however. Very modern music sometimes involves skills that we may not have learned yet. The pro would find a way to get through or negotiate help.
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    The last Boston Symphony audition required the first movement of the Tomasi concerto. I believe the Philadelphia Orchestra Associate Principal audition a few years ago included the Honegger Intrada.


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