Finaly starting to get it right?

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    May 23, 2016
    Hello! I picked up the trumpet 2 1/2 years ago after about 20 years of not playing. It has been extremely fun. I have played for an audience quite a few times with a jazz quintet and feel relatively secure improvising (though not very advanced). I posted a sample for feedback a few weeks ago. I play every day. First 45 min before work (start with 20 min. slurs and long tones) and then about one hour late in the evening. My tone has improved all along, as have my improvising skills and ability to memorize the tunes. The range, on the other hand, has been going slightly up (high C) and then down (A) back up, dow and so on. I just have not figured it out and compensate for bad technique with pressure.

    These last few days I think I have started to get it right. It happened almost by accident. I tried to free buzz relaxed as high as I could, then without stopping placed the mouthpiece on the lips, the buzz spread to the entire lips and pitch went up significantly, then, still without stopping the buzz I inserted the mouthpiece in the trumpet. The result was a very pleasent sounding high C with next to no mouthpiece pressure. Following this prosedure, I can now play soft with good tone up to at least high G. The problem is that this range is still completely unattached to my normal playing. I can not do this without going from freebuzz to mouthpiece buzz to trumpet but now I see the light in the tunnel. Knowing where I am heading and knowing my lips can do it.

    Just wanted to share my experience and maybe get som advice on how to join this new high range to my normal range - improving my over all playing habits.
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