Finesse or power

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    Don't ever, ever forget "sound quality!" It ain't about amplifiers, it is about our musical intention. A forte recorded still sounds forte even when played back at piano dynamic levels--even through a wall or door.

    If trumpet is our calling, we learn to control not just the dynamics, but the listener as well. If really good we can control conductors and make violists jump out of their chairs with our power.

    That is my definition of "finesse."

    Have fun!
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    VB sez:
    If trumpet is our calling, we learn to control not just the dynamics, but the listener as well.
    Those are very wise words.
    One of the things I was taught when starting out was to watch the audience. The audience will let you know if you are getting it right if you know how to watch and listen.
    If you see feet tapping and heads swaying and bobbing, you're doing it right. If you hear people talking, and car keys jingling, you're probably not getting it right.
    However, it's one thing to be verbally taught this pearl of wisdom. Its another to apply it on the stage.
    I remember this one gig I did and if I were a betting person, I'd say I knocked the show out of the park. John Coltrane would have been proud. I hit the audience with walls of sound laced with firey flights of technique.
    I had no idea of the audiences feel as I was in my own little trancendental musical world thinking that I'm creating great art.
    In short, I was very pleased with what I'd done.
    Unfortunately, when I was tearing down and packing up, I heard two people talking.
    The first one said:
    Wow, you could tell he's talented. My goodness, all that technique and all those notes!"
    The second person said:
    "Yeah, there's talent there. I just wish he'd mixed a little music with it"
    "OUCH!!!" What a painful reality check!
    It was then that I realized what my teacher was saying when he talked about "reading the audience".
    If I'm gonna make it as a musician, I need to rethink some things. The first being:
    Don't spew all over the audience with what I know. Play in a way that allows the audience the opportunity to feel something when I play.
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