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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse. It was worth mentioning, but if I had to wait for my eyes to "see" the note, my "brain" to figure it out, my "fingers" to get the right position and my chops to actually blow what my brain says it should be hearing.... then I'm lucky to get 80 bpm let alone 120! Remember that my brain has to also be listening to the rest of the band, keeping an eye on the conductor, and ensuring that I'm not racing ahead or lagging behind and making those adjustments as well.... the poor ol' thing ain't cut out for that kind of thinking at my age. :(

    (That's why I love band so much... if you aren't concentrating 100%, you aren't playing right... and if you ARE concentrating 100%, then you aren't thinking/worrying about other "stuff").

    I agree with the guys who have suggested to just take it slow and steady and make sure it is played RIGHT every time and let the tempo come up on "autopilot". I was just wondering if there are any really GOOD fingering exercises or tips and tricks that I didn't know about that would help.
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    Absolutely - Wynton's the man for that.

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