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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by 4INer, Jan 8, 2014.

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    It may be that withdrawal from alcohol is more dangerous to your life than withdrawal from opiates or benzodiazapenes, but, IMO, the withdrawal from the latter is MUCH more difficult and lengthy.
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    sorry about the tremors, my friend --- but I am glad that you allowed us to eat into your practice time (by you being on TM), so you could convey your discoveries about your tremors -- thanks!! and have a great day
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    Word on the street is that benzos have a half-life of about 30 days, so that the person who undergoes a 30 day inpatient treatment is experiencing the worst of the withdrawal symptoms upon release.
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    One solution to my practice and fitness time? Combine my blogging and TV (mostly sports) time.... As for the tremor, they call it a benign essential tremor. (Not sure why since the effects aren't benign as far as I'm concerned, and I see nothing essential about it) The good news is I've been tested for pretty much everything and it's all came back negative. But for some unknown reason my head shakes in a no motion from time to time, normally when I'm in deep thought or when I get stressed. Relaxation techniques help, as does regular exercise, avoiding caffine, and a good nights sleep. However it can get to a point where it snowballs out of control if I'm not careful, and playing when I'm nervous is one of the things that can trigger the snowball effect. So I'm finding it imparative to make sure I'm prepared, that I center and relax, and that I'm having fun. The beta blockers help with performance anxiety, but I really don't want to rely on them.
    Anybody out there that has answers, relaxation techniques, etc. ? What's weird about it is that I'm not a high stress kind of person, and up until I had to be concerned about an out of control tremor, would never get nervous about anything. I've played and sang solos in front of some pretty large audiences most of my life, but have always felt in control. Now I think it's in the recesses of my mind that the tremor is lurking.....
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    be in shape

    Yes big folks can play - size is not the issue

    Trumpet is physical.
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    Word on the street should always be compared to evidence. The longest measured half life that I know in benzos is with Valium, 200 hours (about 8 days). Some detox centers have people who don't know what they're doing, but most are good. Nothing can replace the patient's sincere adherence to the program and will to kick the habit.

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