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    I use to not do any lip slurs or flexibilites exceries. Then my teacher recomeded
    some lip slur exceries. My playing improved a lot. Particurly in the range deparment. Once you get to the advance stage's of flexibilite I recomend patrick hession's book "For the sake of lead trumpet playing - Hessions Sessions Guide to consistent, reliable and sometimes, Invincible Chops!" This has some good lip slur exceries in it. Here a link to buy it. http://www.hessionssessions.com/products.html
    I would not try this book untill your chop's are develed enough to hand it.
    There is alway's good advice on TM, use it!
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    Flexibility Books

    I also agree with RG111 on the use of the Irons 27 Groups of Exercises as well as the Colin Lip Flexibilities (3 volumes - complete) book. Volume 2 of this book is the best organized of the three volumes. Charles Colin, now run by his son Allan, also publishes two other books which contain very good flexibility exercises. One is called 100 Original Warm Ups. The second is called Elasticity and Endurance.

    Good luck!
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    I personally really like Bai Lin. Is there a reason you're looking for more? If so, what don't you like about the other books? If you have something that you specifically don't like or something you'd rather have then we could probably give you a better answer.
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    btw this is the only trumpet technique book I know of to feature pictures of a semi-naked woman within the first few pages. Truly a masterpiece. :lol:
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    i have smith, irons, colin and bai lin. i like bai lin the best. i find the smith gets too high too fast. and to me it seems like irons and colin spend so much time sluring around the hi bb with the fingering that we woudl almost never use.

    i find for me doing these much above the hi e is counterproductive.
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    :D wow! I've been checking this thread and writing down the books you guys are recommending and the list KEEPS GROWING! HAHA. this is great, keep'em coming! :grouphug:

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    Hi All,

    The Matt Graves book is worthy of consideration and the old Mitchell method books have some extremely challenging material.


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