Flexibility in different ranges

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    AND keep in mind (like in your intro post) that as you grow older --even though you may give AWESOME advice (like Al Innella, rowuk, or gmonady, kingtrumpet, etc) -- that the younger generations typically hear what they want to hear, and YES believe what they want to believe --- so always remind the young kids (and confused adults) --- that ulitmately the trumpet takes -- patience, perserverance, practice, and TIME to be proficient at ---- and that it probably wont happen overnight, as you know... So, Mark, don't JUST be a music teacher --- AIM HIGH, and be the best music teacher, and INSPIRE YOUNG PEOPLE to love, and appreciate music --- to play, and be happy, and help others to learn, to be humble ---- and to always give back--- because they (AND YOU) are the future of music......................
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    Yes. The best teachers give much more than just information. I'll do my best to help them gain the patience that's taken(taking perhaps?) me so long to develop. I hope to maybe earn a reputation that even approaches that level. Time will tell.
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    Uhh, I don't understand your statement about not having flexibility issues while not able to move quickly. Flexibility is all about moving tones quickly. To learn this, start on a middle C (c') hold it for four beats and jump to a G (g') in the staff during the last 64th of the whole note. Do the same from the g' to c'. Go on to other intervals. If you suck in the middle/low registers you can forget the high stuff for now.
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    Arbans pg 125 ....one of my favs
  5. jiarby

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    May 7, 2011
    Irons 27 Exercises///
    Colin Advanced Lip Flexibilities.

    Be sure to read the instructions about the tongue in the Irons, and do not advance if you are straining. Rest lots. Play them SLOW, and SOFT to start with and use a metronome.
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    this was the heart and soul of the Caruso interval studies. Although they were written in half notes, you were supposed to subdivide the last beat before moving in your head to 16th notes so that the movement would be fast and in time. Advanced players say that they subdivided further in 32nd notes
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    I can do that --- I'm talking more along the lines of the speed of lip trilling, back and forth movement. One direction at a time is pretty solid with me right now. I can do repetitions back and forth but I can't get it as quick as I'd like it
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    Keep practicing them, cranking up your metronome in small increments, and you will get faster. Be patient, it will take some time.
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    I will take all this advice.

    Jiarby, thank you for the details, I actually need to get a Irons -- sounds like the book to have on flexibility. And I'll be sure to play quietly, use the tongue (as soon as I figure it out!)

    Coolerdave -- I own an Arban, I'll check 125 out. Currently working on double tonguing (175ish). The fun begins!

    Veery, I will try my best to be patient! I feel many of us trumpet players have a problem with that though, haha

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