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  1. crowmadic

    crowmadic Mezzo Piano User

    Oct 3, 2006
    If you've ever played a Flugabone can you share your experience here on TM. I realize it's primarily a marching band instrument, but has anyone ever used one in another venue? Are they heavy, do they play in tune, does anyone "famous" use one in Latin or Jazz? I've been entertaining the idea of adding a trombone sound to the band I'm in and we're already too large to add another member. Oh, by the way, I don't want to learn how to play slide-bone or valve-bone. If I do it, it's going to have to be a Bb instrument with valves or rotaries.............crow
  2. ZeuSter

    ZeuSter Pianissimo User

    May 22, 2004
    Personally , I woudn't bother with one , I would suggest that you get a Bass Trumpet or a Valve Trombone. The reason that I say this is strictly my personal opinion. There is a guy here in town that uses one on his gigs , and I think it sounds horrible, it is out of tune and it doesn't produce a very pleasing tone in my opinion, and besides that it just looks STUPID. Like I said , all of this is just my opinion ( except for the out of tune part, that is Fact).
    I play trombone ( valve and slide ) in addition to trumpet, and I much prefer those instruments when compared to a Flugalbone. I have a friend that has a Getzen Bass Trumpet that plays like a dream.
    By the way you can read trumpet music on the Valve Trombone (in Bb) so that would be no problem. If you don't want a Valve Trombone I would strongly suggest you check out a Bass Trumpet , and I would Highly recommend a GETZEN. You can go to Getzen : Makers of Fine Brass Musical Instruments to get some more info .
  3. crowmadic

    crowmadic Mezzo Piano User

    Oct 3, 2006
    ZeuSter, Excellent! I would prefer a Bb Bass Trumpet (Getzen). Now I will look into a Bb valve trombone.........crow
  4. Flugelbone dude

    Flugelbone dude New Friend

    Jan 25, 2008
    Wouldnt you like to know.
    well thats ur opinion but ive played one i played it all last year in band(but i moved long story still looking for one to buy) and i like it it has a nice tune and its fun to play.I dont think it looks stuiped either......
  5. bigdog

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    Jul 19, 2005
    sorry crow,
    i play on a getzen eterna valve trombone / 8" bell, .500 bore,and of course the getzen valve block,has amado water keys too / nice projection, blendable sound, tuning hasn't been a problem also / just get the right mouthpiece and your good to go / have fun !!!............

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